Care Instructions

As beauty takes constant care, your jewelry also needs to be preserved to keep its original sparkle and beauty over time. 


Your jewels have to be stored individually in their original box, cloth pouches, or compartmentalized jewelry box as diamonds can scratch other diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry metals. Chains should be locked and laid flat to avoid tangling; rings, bracelets, and earrings are recommended to be stored in felt-lined slots to keep them organized.


Avoid wearing your jewelry during activities like cleaning, sleeping, swimming, or any particular sporting activity. Consider removing your jewelry before applying cosmetics or fragrances or in cases of contact with ammonia, chlorine, alcohol, or other chemicals. Also, keep your pieces away from extreme sources of heat.


Your jewelry should be cleaned regularly to remove built-ups from ordinary wear. Easily rinse your jewelry in clean lukewarm water with mild dish soap and a use soft brush to remove any built-ups. For the drying process use a soft fabric like chamois or any lint-free cloth. 


Be gentle with any clasps, joints, or metal frames, and get them immediately checked, by a professional if they’re not working properly. 


As Gold is a softer metal than silver, try to keep them separate to avoid scratching. 

To clean gold you will only need to soak it in warm water for five minutes with a few drops of dish soap and gently brush it with a toothbrush and dry with a soft cloth. 


Reduce tarnishing by keeping your silver in airtight containers. In case you need to clean your silver, try polishing it better than washing it. Polish your silver using liquid polishes or wipes. 


Nonporous gemstones like diamonds and rubies are best cleaned by soaking them in a solution and gently brushing them. 

For porous gemstones like turquoise and emerald, it’s best to wipe them clean with a minimal amount of water.